Our 30 Day Promise

25 Years in business

You don’t hear us talk about our 30-Day Promise very often, because, honestly, we don’t get asked for many returns!

Our customer satisfaction is high, meaning once people try KINeSYS, we become their go-to sunscreen day-after-day; and after 25 years in business, we have very loyal, long-term customers.

You need to be happy…

And you’ve got 30 days

Our story

How do I get a Replacement or Refund?

It’s super easy! Just contact us and we’ll take care of you.

First, a member of our Team will reach out for the information we need to best assist you; and then take the next step to either provide replacement product or a refund.

As a small, family-owned Team we know that it’s both our products and our service that determine your experience with our brand. So please, don’t be shy reach out so we can deliver on our promise.