KINeSYS Champions

we all have a story

Who is a KINeSYS Champion?

Great question, we’re glad you asked. 

First and foremost, KINeSYS Champions are our customers. They use our products and love them. In fact, this is a prerequisite for becoming a KINeSYS brand ambassador. They genuinely want to share their love for KINeSYS products. (and likely already did before being chosen). 

We live and breathe our brand ideal However you Perform.  We have champions who are ultra-runners and don’t blink at signing up to run 100kms and others who enjoy running shorter distances. We have people who stay active by fishing or snow shoe racing. We have a champion who plays football and another who is a competitive Irish dancer. 

You see, we all have a story and how people stay active is a part of that story. Our champions are people who have thrived and survived cancer or served in the military and find that running keeps their PTSD at bay, we have others who once thought they couldn’t run 5kms and now run marathons. Some of our champions may have been last picks at school while others are professional athletes with plenty of podium wins under their belts.

All in all they are people who are out there giving it a go, performing on their own stage, however big or small that may be, with or without spectators cheering them on. They are young and old, podium winners or back of the pack finishers. They are KINeSYS Champions, performing however they perform.

KINeSYS Champions, past and present