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KINeSYS Champions 2019

KINeSYS Champions 2019Introducing the KINeSYS Champions 2019, our inaugural brand Ambassadors.

Our Champions are a group of inspirational individuals who enjoy a diverse collection of outdoor activities from running, to pickleball, golf and fishing, who choose KINeSYS to protect their skin and embrace our brand ideal “However you Perform”.

Unlike many Ambassador programs our Champions are not all professional athletes or podium finishers – but some are. Instead, this group of amazing individuals exemplify our passion of striving to achieve their own goals.

However you Perform can be committing to a daily afternoon walk, catching your first fish, learning to SUP or getting healthy to stay active with your children.

May you find inspiration as you discover how each KINeSYS Champion stays active. 

Join us as we celebrate the KINeSYS Champions 2019.​​ #kinesyschampion

Champion Applications are now closed. To apply as a KINeSYS Champion 2020, stay active with us on social media @kinesysactive or join our e-news from the Homepage for updates.

Richard Albertsen KINeSYS Champion 2019
Sarah Ansboury KINeSYS Champion 2019
jena antonucci kinesys champion
Michelle Brander KINeSYS Champion 2019
Jacqui Byrne KINeSYS Champion
liz chapman kinesys champion
Michelle Brander
Jacqui Byrne
Liz Chapman
Heather KINeSYS Champion 2019
Cody KINeSYS Champion 2019
tim hacker kinesys champion
Heather Escaravage
Cody Forbes
Tim Hacker
Elizabeth Hanson KINeSYS Champion 2019
Martin Lambert KINeSYS Champion 2019
michael metoyer kinesys champion
Elizabeth Hanson
Martin Lambert
Michael Metoyer
Holly Myers KINeSYS Champion 2019
Kate Oxland KINeSYS Champion
Paige Penrose KINeSYS Champion 2019
Holly Myers
Kate Oxlade
Paige Penrose
Shannon Richards KINeSYS Champion 2019
Audrey KINeSYS Champion
Keri Russell KINeSYS Champion 2019
Shannon Richards
Audrey Robichaud
Keri Russell
Jennifer Stephens KINeSYS Champion 2019
Chris Whittington KINeSYS Champion
Debbie Woodruff KINeSYS Champion 2019
Jennifer Stephens
Chris Whittington
Debbie Woodruff
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