KINeSYS Champion Application

Update: Due to product supply issues, the KINeSYS Champion program is currently suspended in Australia. Join our email list to stay in touch and receive timely updates.

About the KINeSYS Champion Program

If you can’t help but shout from mountain tops “I LOVE KINeSYS!” then we want to hear from you.

Our brand ambassador program is in its forth year, and we are very excited to welcome a new team of Champions to the KINeSYS family. 

Are you KINeSYS Champion material?

We only have two prerequisites for being a KINeSYS Champion;

  1. You live an active outdoor lifestyle, that fuels your passion for life.
  2. You use and love KINeSYS products, and want to share them with your community.

We want our Champions to represent the diverse range of athletes and outdoor enthusiasts that make up the KINeSYS community. You could be a busy mother who loves family days on the slopes and by the lake, or sneaking away for a solitary run. Maybe you are a triathlete who is training hard, pushing boundaries, and striving for your best performance. Perhaps you are a long distance hiker, on the path to new explorations. Or, like so many around the world, the ‘new normal’ of staying at home has rekindled your love of bike riding and other forgotten outdoor pursuits. KINeSYS really is about “However you perform” and our Champions truly do represent that ideal.

As a KINeSYS Champion you will receive 

  • An exclusive KINeSYS Champion Pack worth over $100
  • Personal 10% discount code for you and 5 friends
  • A profile on our website
  • Social media coverage

As a KINeSYS Champion your responsibilities will be

  • Share your love of our products and successes with your community
  • Tag @kinesysactive in all your applicable posts. We will share some of these posts with the KINeSYS community & you will be credited
  • Actively engage with us on social media
  • Not be an ambassador/sponsor or have a similar agreement with another brand that manufactures, sells or distributes sunscreen products