We Appreciate Our Running Partners

We Appreciate Our Running Partners

Our Retail Partners are specialized running stores, offering personalized service and an excellent range of gear to get you back into running, walking, or taking your running to the next level.

Like KINeSYS, most of our partners are family-owned and deliver the best products and services to your active, outdoor lifestyle.  We are fortunate enough to team up with running partners Run the World and Revvies for our latest ‘Running Essentials Giveaway’ campaign.

Run The World Logo

Run The World was launched in 2014 to provide a continual journey for you to be part of for the duration of your life. Since then tens of thousands of members have embarked on a unique, exciting, interactive and expansive journey; one that takes you to towns, cities, states and countries you may never get to see. Designed to keep you motivated, inspired and engaged on your running journey every year, Run the World has a journey just for you.

Revvies Energy Strips Logo

Revvies Energy Strips are changing sports nutrition by providing a faster, more convenient boost that can be taken without water, immediately before and during exercise. No chewing. No sticky waste. No upset stomach.


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