The KINeSYS Difference

The KINeSYS Difference

The idea for KINeSYS was born 20+ years ago in response to the lack of sunscreen that met the needs of those who love being active and outdoors.

There was the need for a sunscreen that wasn’t greasy, heavy on the skin, blocked pores or ran into eyes. A sunscreen that provided superior protection and didn’t impact performance.

Our trusted and proven products are developed specifically for active skin.

KINeSYS isn’t heavy, greasy or slimy and doesn’t leave you smelling like traditional sunscreen.

It’s what we leave out, what we put and how they are applied that makes KINeSYS Spray Sunscreens different.

Oil-free Antioxidant
Alcohol-free Hypoallergenic 
PABA-free Non-Comedogenic
Paraben-free Vegan friendly
Gluten-free Vitamin E enriched
Cruelty-free Fragrance-free

KINeSYS has established itself as the sunscreen of choice for a wide range of loyal users across Canada and the United States, including those with sensitive skin.  Our Australian launch is an exciting new chapter in the growing KINeSYS Community.

Discover the KINeSYS sunscreen to suit you.