The Best Sunscreen for Cyclists

The Best Sunscreen for Cyclists

What's the best sunscreen for cyclists? Find a sunscreen which supports your performance 

Like many athletes, cyclists spend a lot of time outdoors and in the sun. This means that if you’re an avid cyclist you’re particularly prone to sun damage, including sunburn, premature ageing, and even skin cancer.

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As a cyclist, protecting yourself against the sun should be just as important as wearing your protective gear. So, what’s the best sunscreen for cyclists? One which won’t impede performance and yet tough enough to keep up with you? In this article, we’ll take a look at why sunscreen is so important, and how you can best protect yourself from the sun while out on your bike.

Sun damage and cycling

Being outdoors and subject to the potentially harmful UV rays of the sun goes hand-in-hand with cycling, whether you’re a professional athlete or just hitting the road for some exercise on the weekends. No matter what time of the year you’re out on your bike, sun protection should be a part of your pre-cycle routine – just like putting on your helmet and the rest of your gear.

best sunscreen for cycling

Unfortunately, many cyclists avoid using sunscreen as they find that it interferes with their performance. From dripping into the eyes, to irritation caused by alcohol, oil, or fragrances, there are many sunscreens out there which just aren’t designed with the cyclist in mind.

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This troubling trend towards avoiding sunscreen means that cyclists are among the most prone to skin damage and even skin cancer. However, this shouldn’t keep you from heading outdoors and enjoying your riding, says Heather Walker, chair of the Australian National Skin Cancer Committee.

“The first thing to mention is that cyclists are doing one fantastic thing for their cancer risk on obesity independent related to cancer risk,” Heather tells Bicycling Australia. “Our job is to make sure how the two messages complement each other: if you are in the sun, how do you protect yourself. SunSmart is definitely not saying ‘don’t go outdoors’, it’s about enjoying the sun safely.”

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By heading outdoors for some exercise, you’re helping to protect yourself against a range of other forms of cancer. And cycling is one of the best exercises there is!

How can cyclists be sun safe?

When it comes to sun protection for cyclists, there are several key factors to consider before heading out for a ride.

  1. Choose the time of day wisely: Avoid cycling when UV levels are at their highest, between 10am and 3pm. It’s also a good idea to check the UV levels before heading out.
  2. Use a high-performance, quality sunscreen designed with cyclists in mind and re-apply every 2 hours (or every 80 minutes when sweating).
  3. Cover up where you can: This includes wearing a hat under your helmet, as well as cycling gloves, arm protection, and sunglasses.
  4. Wear the right gear: Sure, wearing lycra might make you the butt of a few jokes from those not within the cycling community, but it’s worth its weight in gold as far as sun protection goes. The close-knit fibres of a good quality lycra cycling garment are excellent for protecting your skin against the sun’s rays.
  5. Get regular skin checks: Don’t forget to head to your GP or local skin cancer specialist for regular skin checks, as picking up on any potentially dangerous skin spots early is incredibly important.

The best sunscreen for cyclists

The KINeSYS Performance Sunscreen range has been designed with performance in mind. Over 20 years ago, KINeSYS began developing sunscreens which provided not only a high level of sun protection for the whole family, but superior performance and comfort for athletes like cyclists, runners, skiers, surfers, and more.

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What’s behind a high-performance sunscreen, you might wonder? The key is in the things we don’t put in and how they are applied.

KINeSYS sunscreens are oil-free, alcohol-free and even come in fragrance-free options for those with particularly sensitive skin or noses.

Our spray sunscreens are designed to go on easily, absorb quickly, and leave no oily residue: making them perfect for cyclists, as they won’t drip into your eyes or irritate your skin. Our range of pump-action, aerosol-free sunscreens also come in handy sports-sized bottles, perfect for your saddle bag or jersey pocket. This means you’ll always have your sun protection with you, no matter where you ride.

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Bicycling Australia loves KINeSYS Performance Sunscreen for cyclists

Recently, Bicycling Australia have been testing out the KINeSYS Performance Sunscreen range, and the results are in:

“Summer may be almost over but remember it’s critical to stay protected from harmful UV rays year-round! We’ve recently been road-testing this impressive @kinesysactive performance sun screen & clear zinc. An awesome product, this is oil-free, fragrance-free, non-stinging and easy to apply. There’s no alcohol in the product and it is enriched in vitamin E. It’s water & sweat resistant and simple to use via the spray pack.” 

Bicycling Australia, Instagram

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You can check out Bicycling Australia’s full review on KINeSYS Performance Sunscreen in their upcoming May/June issue.

Before you head out on your next ride, be sure to protect yourself from the sun with high-performance KINeSYS sunscreen.

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