Best sunscreen for kids

Best Sunscreen for Kids - KINeSYS Spray

One of the biggest barriers to children wearing sunscreen is the greasy feeling of traditional products.

The unique oil-free formula of KINeSYS SPF 50 Fragrance Free Sunscreen isn’t oily, greasy or heavy so children who usually hate sunscreen love KINeSYS.

Alcohol-Free Sunscreen

The non-aerosol clear spray of KINeSYS makes application easy too. No more cold “sunscreen shock” or dry skin from alcohol-filled aerosol sprays.

Alcohol makes its way into most chemical sunscreens because it makes them appear less greasy. Unfortunately, it does this by dehydrating your skin and eroding its protective barrier an issue that causes more problems than benefits.


Easy Application

KINeSYS Sunscreens mean no mess, no fuss. No more arguments or resistance about applying sunscreen, making time outdoors more fun for everyone.

Parent Testimonials


Five Star Review

"KINeSYS sunscreen is a product that I don’t think I will be without from now on. I have a son who really hates the feel of anything on his skin and it is always a fight getting him to wear sunscreen. As soon as I tried Kinesys out for myself I knew I was onto a winner. I wasn’t wrong. Him and I both love how quick and easy it is to put on and how it doesn’t feel at all heavy, greasy or sticky on our skin. Absolutely love it!"

Jody on Facebook agrees:

“Both of my boys love how this sunscreen is non greasy and it is the only one they use.”

Easy Recognizable Bottle

Try KINeSYS SPF 50 Kids Fragrance Free Spray Sunscreen. A formula free of scent and 80 min water and sweat resistant to provide sun protection whatever the activity your kids enjoy!

Instantly recognizable in its iconic orange 120ml  bottle or compact 30ml size, your children can easily identify and find their sunscreen. The bright orange bottle is easy for children to find (& hopefully hard for them to lose!)

KINeSYS SPF 50 Kids Spray Sunscreen is hypoallergenic & free of fragrance, oil, parabens, PABAs, alcohol and preservatives. 
Children and parents love KINeSYS Sunscreens. The ingredients we put in and leave out of our unique formulas makes KINeSYS the best sunscreen for kids. 
UVA/UVB Broad Spectrum Water Resistant (80 min)
Pump spray (no aerosol) Sweat Resistant (80 min)
Oil-free Ideal for face and oily skin
Preservative-free Oxybenzone-free Sprays
Alcohol-free Antioxidant
PABA-free Hypoallergenic
Paraben-free Non-Comedogenic
Gluten-free Vegan (Sprays & Solid Stick)
Cruelty-free (no animal testing) Vitamin E enriched

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