Charli Robinson

Charli Robinson

KINeSYS Australia Ambassador

Anyone who has followed Charli Robinson’s amazing career would be aware of her love of staying active and spending time outdoors.

Whether she was performing with the extremely popular Australian children's entertainment group "High Five" or taking Australian viewers on weekly adventures in her role as a host with Channel 9's weekly travel show Getaway, Charli always makes time in her schedule to exercise daily, be it Yoga or Pilates, gym or going for a run along the beach.

"Staying fit and healthy has always been extremely important to me and I enjoy taking time out to exercise and unwind at the end of a long day." 

"There isn't much more I like than to get out and be active and it seems I am naturally drawn towards the beach, be it back in Newcastle whilst visiting my family or here on the Gold Coast where we are absolutely spoilt for choice when it comes to beaches."

Recently the 37-year-old had a sunspot removed and it really hit home.

"I have always taken pretty good care of myself, however at times probably didn't protect myself from the sun because traditional sunscreen clogged my pores and wasn't conducive to my work.”

"Recently after a regular skin check, I had a sun spot removed and it was a real wake up call for me because while I love being active and spending time outdoors, we all have a real responsibility to protect our skin."

After researching sunscreen brands, Charli was introduced to KINeSYS and immediately fell in love with it, so much so, that the brand’s owners approached her about being their Australian launch Ambassador.

"Those who know me understand that I don't endorse many products and I genuinely need to love a product before I enter into any sort of partnership and that is certainly the case with KINeSYS."

"I love that it sprays on clear, is oil, alcohol and paraben free, doesn't clog your pores, and for those of us who need to work outdoors, it can be worn with makeup which is a huge advantage."

"I'm excited to be the official KINeSYS Australian launch Ambassador and look forward to introducing more Australians to one of North America’s most trusted performance sunscreens." 

Love Charli