KINeSYS Named as An Editors' Choice by Runner's World USA

Best sunscreen for runners

KINeSYS is thrilled to have been named as an Editors’ Choice by Runner’s World USA in their recent article on the Best Sweat-Resistant Sunscreens for Runners.  

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Lisa Heggie, company CEO commented, “Having our SPF 50 Fragrance Free Spray Sunscreen recognized by Runner’s World Editors is tremendous. The Editorial Team particularly liked the fast-drying properties of our oil and alcohol-free sunscreen.”

“KINeSYS is formulated with athletes in mind, and runners in particular love our lightweight spray sunscreen. From our many conversations with runners we know they often sacrifice their skin rather than use a traditional sunscreen which can impact their performance. The beauty of KINeSYS is that our non-greasy and fast-drying sunscreen provides UVA/UVB Broad Spectrum Protection and allows a runner to sweat as usual, so they don’t have to worry about overheating; plus, it doesn’t run into or sting the eyes.”

According to the Cancer Council, two in three Australians will be diagnosed with skin cancer by the time they are 70, with more than 750,000 people treated for skin cancers in Australia each year. Protecting your skin should, therefore, never be toyed with as it's vital to your longevity and overall health.

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 “Best sunscreen EVER”  Keith Hong, Avid Runner & Director RunNation Film Festival

KINeSYS SPF 50 Fragrance Free Spray Sunscreen is available in two sizes, an ergonomic 120ml bottle that delivers 700+ sprays and a carry-on compliant 30ml bottle with 170+ sprays. The compact 30ml bottle easily fits in a running belt, running vest or pocket and is ideally sized for on-the-go re-application.

Recognition for KINeSYS SPF 50 Fragrance Free as one of the best sunscreens for runners from the respected Runner’s World Magazine corroborates the many amazing responses we have received from the running community.

“This is THE BEST running sunscreen. So much so that it’s now just my everyday summer sunscreen!” @runbecsrun

Try SPF 50 Fragrance Free on your next run.

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