KINeSYS in Bicycling Australia Magazine

KINeSYS is thrilled to be featured in the May/June edition of Bicycling Australia Magazine.

With the lead story being the Special Report, "Beat the Sun - Top Tips to Protect Your Skin", we congratulate Bicycling Australia on raising the issue of sun safety with the cycling community.

KINeSYS Bicycling Australia Sunscreen for Cyclists

Look for the Review of KINeSYS SPF 50 Fragrance Free in the Top Gear* section where the Editorial Team write:

"KINeSYS non-aerosol spray sunscreen is perfect for cyclists and a product Bicycling Australia have been testing over the past month or so. With a quick-drying formula, the non-aerosol pump spray sunscreen is fast-absorbing, lightweight and a pleasure to wear."

KINeSYS Spray Sunscreen

Our compact 30ml bottles are perfect for your jersey or saddle-bag and delivers 170+ sprays - giving you sun protection over many rides.

KINeSYS travel-size oil free spray sunscreen

* Top Gear Review. A print error occured and the tag "Sponsored Content" appears at the the top of our Review. The Bicycling Australia Editorial Team kindly acknowledge this mistake and the tag has been removed from the online version.

KINeSYS Oil-free sunscreen for cyclists

Thanks Bicycling Australia for your support of KINeSYS Sunscreen. 



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