Introducing Our 2020 Champions

KINeSYS Active Sunscreen Champions 2020

KINeSYS Sunscreen 2020 Champions

After launching our inaugural Champions Program in the summer of 2019 we have once again instigated our program for 2020. With an overwhelming response in applications, the 2020 Champions Program includes just over 60 Ambassadors – an increase of 200% on last year’s numbers.  

What makes our program different?

First and foremost, KINeSYS Champions are our customers. They use our products and love them. In fact, this is a prerequisite for becoming a KINeSYS brand ambassador. They genuinely want to share their love for KINeSYS products. (And likely already did before being chosen). 

Unlike similar brand ambassador programs, KINeSYS Champions are a mix of professional athletes as well as keen amateur sporting enthusiasts with the program aiming to highlight the importance of sun protection for those who are passionate about keeping active.

KINeSYS Sunscreen Champions 2020

Our champions embody the KINeSYS brand ideal, ‘However You Perform’.

“We have champions who are ultra-runners and don’t blink at signing up to run 100kms and others who enjoy running shorter distances. We have people who stay active by fishing or snow shoe racing. We have a champion who plays football and another who is a competitive Irish dancer.” – Lisa Heggie, KINeSYS CEO.

In return for social media coverage, a coveted ambassador profile page on the KINeSYS website, as well as an exclusive KINeSYS Champion Pack and product discounts, KINeSYS Champions spread the message of being sun-safe; both through their own social media accounts as well as personally sharing the products with their friends and family. 

We love our community of champions (and our customers) and we look forward to another fruitful year of inspiring people around the world to stay active while being sun-safe.